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  • Teacher Tailor Trucker

  • Travel the Highroad

  • Deliver Good Cheer

  • Teacher Tailor Trucker

  • Travel the Highroad

  • Deliver Good Cheer

Welcome to my site.

This is my retreat where I go after a hard day’s work of driving our nation’s highways in my semi-truck to write down my thoughts and experiences which may be of interest and assistance to others.

After decades of teaching, mothering, sewing, cooking, and vegging in a peaceful secluded village, I passed the inevitable half-century mile marker on the road of life.  Seemed like a good time to learn new things since I wasn’t ready for a rocking chair.  So I went truckin’! 

My highways, past and present, have taken me uphill and down, through sunshine and tempest, traveling sleek freeways and rugged terrain.  As I travel, I learn, grow, and achieve, mile by mile to a better me.


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New Friends


Collective Pounds Lost
FAT Fight Club

The Key is DESIRE
The Vehicle is THOUGHT
The Fuel is ACTION
The Destination is SELF-MASTERY

The Green and Orange Heart

How often do we say things we don't mean and thereby hurt ourselves and others? Be kind to everyone. The one you thought insignificant might end up being your best friend.

Chivalry Is Dead?

Ladies before gentlemen? Or is it dudes before broads?

They Have Prepared the Gallows

The battle of good and evil has raged since time began. History teaches us that those who seek to destroy others will eventually bring destruction upon themselves.

The F Word

Life is beautiful! Life is horrible? It all depends on your perspective. What keeps you going, FAITH or FEAR?

The Lovely of You

There's nothing more lovely than the beautiful innocence of children

What Will Dilly Do?

This story is about a girl who doesn't fit in. What does she do? She goes TRUCKIN'!

For the Gift

How thankful are we?

Men Are Brainwashed

I wonder...Do men wash their hair with battery acid? I suspect it soaks through and eats up the brain. Recently I parked my semi-truck at a Walmart shopping center somewhere in New Mexico and bee bopped inside to stock up on groceries. My…

Introducing Dilly

This is the second installment in my new children's book series SquarePeg Storybooks soon to publish on Amazon. What Will Dilly Do? is a tale of pluck told in rhyme. I had fun writing it, had fun imagining the characters, and had great fun…
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