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  • Travel the Highroad

  • Deliver Good Cheer

  • Teacher Tailor Trucker

  • Travel the Highroad

  • Deliver Good Cheer

  • Teacher Tailor Trucker

  • Travel the Highroad

  • Deliver Good Cheer

Welcome to my site.

This is my retreat where I go after a hard day’s work of driving our nation’s highways in my semi-truck to write down my thoughts and experiences which may be of interest and assistance to others.

After decades of teaching, mothering, sewing, cooking, and vegging in a peaceful secluded village, I passed the inevitable half-century mile marker on the road of life.  Seemed like a good time to learn new things since I wasn’t ready for a rocking chair.  So I went truckin’! 

My highways, past and present, have taken me uphill and down, through sunshine and tempest, traveling sleek freeways and rugged terrain.  As I travel, I learn, grow, and achieve, mile by mile to a better me.


Miles Traveled


States Traveled




New Friends


Collective Pounds Lost
FAT Fight Club


The Key is DESIRE

The Vehicle is THOUGHT

The Fuel is ACTION

The Route is HABIT


The Destination is SELF-MASTERY

Eye of the Beholder

Beautiful or Ugly, Strange or Familiar, Devils or Angels? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


Stories from Maggie's new book Stranger in a Strange Land

Where Is Heaven?

Heaven and hell are not so much a place as they are a state of mind.

Reality Versus Perception

Sometimes reality is opposite of popular perception

Voices from the Dust

Since time began, people have searched for treasure. Some treasures are slippery, and some are sustainable. What is your treasure? Where do you hide it?


One day I met the Plague and he told me his plans. He is out there somewhere looking for sheep and goldfish.

Wake Up!

My observations about COVID19 and other pandemics of the mind.

TP Mother Load

The country is going to pot not by the coronavirus, but by PANIC. I've got a solution. Keep calm...and ORDER A MOTHER LOAD OF TOILET PAPER QUICK!

The Brew that is True

Remember Danny Kaye trying to recall if the challis from the palace had the brew that is true. I can relate.
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