Highroad North is the parent company for various brands created by Maggie Jessop. Just as my life is a work in progress, so also is this platform that includes my various books and blog articles and product creations.

Sometimes people ask which planet I came from. I smile. I was born and raised in a small FLDS Mormon community which largely minimized exposure to mainstream concepts, events, and people. My childhood years and the twenty years of marriage which followed can be summed up as valuable personal and family lessons of faith, hope, charity, and love, as well as trials along the way to deepen my understanding and enlarge my character. I don’t think my secluded life hurt me one bit. I grew up free as a bird, unaware of the darkness in the world, which resulted in a high level of confidence in myself and the rest of the human race.

Married at twenty-two, I was blessed with eight beautiful children over fifteen years’ time—six sons and two daughters. Over a span of two decades, I donated my time as a language arts teacher in a private school and also managed a sewing manufacturing facility, in addition to other homemaking and homesteading endeavors.

When I neared the youthful age of fifty, circumstances put me on my own in a strange new world where I had to adjust from relative seclusion to mainstream society. It was as though I had come from another planet for all the perplexity I faced in navigating through typical American culture and learning to become self-sufficient. I call it mysterious mainstream mayhem. Perhaps it’s a bit like learning French. A student may master speaking and understanding the language, but never completely master the accent. Learning to adapt without losing my identity is challenging, but certainly the process includes new adventure, deeper understanding, as well as downright hilarity.

After many attempts at marketing the various skills developed in the first fifty years of my life, I realized it was necessary to learn additional skills to carry me through the second fifty. So, after decades of domestic focus, after passing the inevitable half-century mile marker on the road of life, it seemed like a good time to learn something new since I wasn’t ready for a rocking chair. So I went trucking!

Life has been a fascinating journey traveling through a colorful kaleidoscope. Many varied experiences of living and working have taught me patience, to look for good in myself and others, to focus on cultivating a positive outlook, to identify and pursue worthy goals, and to never think about slowing down or giving up.

Travel the Highroad and deliver good cheer!