Entries by Maggie Jessop

Flood of the Century

September 2014 is a time that will always be remembered. A hundred year flood came tearing down from the mountains of Short Creek taking the lives of three young mothers and ten children. This devastating event affected many lives. It even changed my life, for it caused me to pick up my pen and write a book.

Men Are Brainwashed

I wonder…Do men wash their hair with battery acid? I suspect it soaks through and eats up the brain. Recently I parked my semi-truck at a Walmart shopping center somewhere in New Mexico and bee bopped inside to stock up on groceries. My lucky day. I didn’t know Walmart had a theater. Yep. Right there in the beef jerky aisle. Drama, and I mean drama. It was like deeper than deep. Deeper than the Marianas […]

Introducing Dilly

This is the second installment in my new children’s book series SquarePeg Storybooks soon to publish on Amazon. What Will Dilly Do? is a tale of pluck told in rhyme. I had fun writing it, had fun imagining the characters, and had great fun working with my awesome illustrator Filipa in making the story come to life in drawings. Though the characters are fictitious, this is actually a true story.