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The Richest Man in Babylon

The richest man in Babylon written by Maggie Jessop

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The Go-Getter

The go getter

This is an old classic newly illustrated.

Cappy Ricks is old as dirt. The old business tycoon whose bark is worse than his bite has weathered many a storm through decades of commercial enterprise. He is fed up with men who have neither the drive nor the understanding of what it takes to be a go-getter, his word for the rare ones who possess the vision of true accomplishment.

Enter Bill Peck, military veteran, with a bum leg and missing arm. Does this ex-soldier with his uneven gait and compelling smile have what it takes? It’s time for the ultimate test. Can Bill Peck deliver the BLUE VASE?

This scarce antiquarian book is a republished version of the original which was first published in 1921 by Peter B. Kyne. The Go-Getter is a humorous parable of determination and ambition that has proved to be a timeless classic, inspiring readers to approach their goals—whether personal or professional—with tenacity and dedication. Never, never, NEVER…no, not ever…give up.

The story is small, yet the message is giant. Absorb, apply, and achieve!

Published by GOOD KARMA. What you send out shall return.