We should be able to say that because of our association with one another, “I am a better person having known you.”

Years ago I heard this story which found a permanent spot in my memory. A Spanish girl named Elizabeth told the story about a sweet and unusual friendship between her mother and an old native Indian woman from Central America who came to their home often.

With each visit, the Indian woman gave Elizabeth’s mother some partridge eggs and berries as a gift. The native woman spoke only Araucanian and Elizabeth’s mother spoke only Spanish.

Their conversation was minimal as they sat at the table together drinking tea and eating cake while smiling and laughing. Each time the Indian woman rose to leave, she said the exact same words to her friend.

With much curiosity, Elizabeth and her sisters memorized the words and later, found someone who could translate Araucanian. When Elizabeth found out what the Indian woman had said to her mother so many times, she was greatly touched and thought it was the nicest compliment ever spoken.

Each time the Indian woman rose from the table to leave after visiting her friend, she said,

“I shall come again, for I like myself when I am near you.”