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The blonde-haired creature landed among the earthlings with a splat. Dressed in a dark loose mantle, she looked like a pilgrim from long-ago days. Human-like she was, yet quite unlike other humans. She had two eyes like people do, but saw things differently. She had two ears to listen, yet she cocked her head in perplexity at sounds she had never heard. She did have a mouth located just below her nose, not unlike the staring life-forms which surrounded her. Her feet were tired; her eyes were red, and her heart was splintered to smithereens. Terribly lost she was.

The earth people advanced toward the stranger, and she smiled cautiously. Time stood still as the gaping residents assessed the alien. What was their reaction to the stranger? Eyes narrowed, noses scrunched, arms folded…and a few earthlings smiled back. Sighing wearily, the intruder put on her armor and took out her sword. And the clash of culture began.

Was the alien creature from Venus, you ask? Nope. She was an FLDS woman in mainstream. This is the hilarious and heartbreaking story of a stranger in a strange land, that perplexing paradoxical realm of modern-day America.

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