Reflections of an FLDS Lady

Who am I, anyway? I’ve been asked this question a number of times. Recently, this query has been posed by various voices in the media. In case they quote me, I write this article in my own words since most media personalities love to cut and splice and make a body say stuff she doesn’t actually say.

 Joseph Smith

On this 215th birthday anniversary of the Prophet Joseph Smith, once again, I pause to reflect on the most important questions us human beaners ought to ask ourselves. Who am I? What do I stand for? Where am I going, and how do I get there? 

I was born and raised Fundamentalist Mormon. You might say I came from the “inside of the inside” of the FLDS. I was born to honorable parents, grew up in a safe, protected environment among many wonderful people, married into a noble family, mothered eight children, taught school over a span of two decades, managed a sewing manufacturing business, and had much more additional experience to enlarge my understanding of the foundational principles of faith, hope, charity, and love.

I survived the Raid on the YFZ Ranch in Eldorado, Texas, in 2008, when four of my eight children were stolen along with four hundred forty-two more FLDS children. I was a plural wife for twenty-five years and occupied a position of respect and prominence among my people. I have thousands of friends and acquaintances and am deeply familiar with Mormon belief and our myriads of lifestyle situations.

I lived among my people forty-seven years. About a decade ago, along with hundreds (perhaps thousands) of FLDS people, in answer to divine instruction, I was separated from my family and friends and embarked upon a solo mission for reasons I did not yet then understand. God doesn’t usually explain up front the details of His requirements. For decades our congregation had been advised by the prophets among us of coming tests and trials, severe and unprecedented, which would try us beyond our comprehension and cause our hearts to melt.

Having a believing nature since birth, I had read the Scriptures extensively over a period of four decades and studied thousands of sermons given by our religious leaders. Little did I realize that this knowledge and testimony, which had been developed and strengthened by example and precept in my days of peace, would serve as a vitally solid foundation which would be assaulted by greater turbulence—the proverbial winds of war that blow in mainstream society. Hard experience would reveal the deep-down desires of my heart, which don’t generally become entirely evident until one is faced with a crisis of faith.

To put it bluntly, we were taught how to fly and then pushed out of the nest to see if we could fly. Not only were we taught to fly, but also how to land safely. Tough love is sometimes the greatest manifestation of love. Some of us little birdies fly smoothly, and some of us flutter, dip, and dive and narrowly miss splattering on the rocks below. Some get eaten by wolves. Some birds harden into buzzards that stalk and circle other birds as they struggle with flying lessons.

Now, after considerable years of experience in mainstream society, I look back and marvel at the wisdom of God. In the absence of my customary support system, having endured indescribable heartache of separation from my people, I can say that this situation has accomplished, at least in part, exactly what my Creator intended—the discovery of myself and my relationship with Him.

Presently, I work as a truck driver and travel thousands of miles each week. During rest breaks and days off, I write books and blog articles, record songs and audiobooks, and dream up all kinds of new projects to keep myself busy. In my travels, I see many people, and I call many of them friends. Having met scores of wonderful folks in mainstream, I have observed their lifestyles and cultures, and I feel kindly towards everyone. But honestly, I haven’t yet seen anything to compare with the goodness and purity of FLDS society.

Some people ask why I exert the courage (and the audacity) to speak publicly of FLDS faith, which as you may know, is famously infamous. Popularity means nothing to me. I am far more interested in truth which can generally be found in a kernel or a nutshell underneath a mountain of illusion and supposition. Do I have authority to preach? Absolutely not. But I don’t mind sharing my testimony which has been earned through nearly six decades of faith-promoting experience.

The word obedience has a negative connotation in mainstream society. The devil has just about convinced the entire world that the true and living God is either absent or nonexistent. Most people who say they do believe in God keep him in a box. He is only God if he says and does certain things according to their limited understanding. If God comes out of his box and speaks and acts outside their traditions, then they doubt the existence of God or become angry with him because they want him to be a god of their own creation.

I believe that obedience to God and His authority is of crucial importance. I totally get why most people don’t want to obey anyone. Most haven’t ever known a qualified leader, or if they have, they prefer their own advice. Most aren’t able to recognize or accept legitimate authority because tradition has convinced them that obedience is a weakness. I certainly agree that submission to the wrong boss is indeed a weakness. Personal experience has taught me that obedience to God which includes the act of repentance and submission, is actually very rewarding.

It takes supreme diligence to recognize the voice of God. The devil is one heck of an impersonator. It’s mighty important to get the right Boss. If you are your own top dog and feel you can go far and high on your own, go for it and see where it takes you. I believe that anyone who says it’s a weakness to submit selfish will in preference to the will of God hasn’t tried it long enough or honestly enough to reap the rewards. If I wouldn’t have been obedient to the teachings, lessons, corrections, and opportunities offered by God through the Prophet, I would have turned into a bitter old bitch. I’ve seen a bunch of those, and it ain’t purty.

There are only two great powers in the earth—God and Satan. There are not three great powers, God, Satan, and the great big me. At any given moment, I am choosing which one of the two great powers I will listen to and follow. Yes, I can do much good (or bad) on my own power because I have free will. But I am always acting in subjection to one or the other of those two great powers.

God will not force, and the devil cannot force…unless we allow him. Therefore, we can’t blame our actions on either one of them. Jesus gave His life to allow us the gift of free will. We retain freedom as long as we choose God’s way. If we choose to follow Satan, we forfeit our freedom to a mighty mean master.

Whatever God sets up, the devil sets up a counterfeit. It’s the age old battle of good and evil. That is why both kingdoms can sometimes sort of resemble each other. As the Prophet Joseph Smith stated, “That which is wrong under one circumstance, may be, and often is, right under another. God said, “Thou shalt not kill;” at another time He said, “Thou shalt utterly destroy.” This is the principle on which the government of heaven is conducted–by revelation adapted to the circumstances in which the children of the kingdom are placed. Whatever God requires is right, no matter what it is, although we may not see the reason thereof till long after the events transpire….”

God‘s kingdom is a benevolent dictatorship. It is not a democracy or a republic. Besides being our Father and Creator, He is our King, our Sovereign, and He has the right to rule. We can’t get together and vote Him in or out. We may express negative opinions against the prophets He appoints until we are blue in the face, but it doesn’t change the mind of God one bit. You and your friends might even gang up against the prophets, speak against them, and do away with them. But in the end, it only hurts you.

It takes a good deal of personal faith and humility to attract enough of the Spirit of God to know who to trust and who to follow. Though Satan can present every conceivable form of temptation and contradiction imaginable, it is definitely possible to obtain this knowledge from God.

Dissenters and anti-FLDS activists, with the help of media, try to create a shroud of darkness and mystery around the FLDS, but they just don’t get it. The Gospel we believe in is actually very simple. There’s nothing dark or sinister about it. “We believe in being honest, true, chaste, benevolent, virtuous, and in doing good to all men.” The challenge comes when people have contradictory definitions of all those adjectives I just mentioned—honest, true, chaste, benevolent, and virtuous.

The Gospel we follow is nothing new. It’s as old as the earth. The instructions we have received from the Prophet Warren Jeffs are similar to former tests and experiences required by God through the medium of His prophets in former ages of time. True, some of our experiences may seem more severe, but so also is a college exam more detailed and challenging than the entrance exam for kindergarten. As time marches on and the earth moves closer to a celestial state, so must our refinement also advance.

Obedience is the first law of heaven. It always has been and always will be. No matter what we go through, the bottom-line test in every test is always loyalty to God and His authority.

Most think of obedience as a horrible thing like groveling in fear before a screeching tyrant like Hitler. This type of demand for obedience is the devil’s counterfeit, and it is evil. Both God and Satan require obedience, but the asking and the doing are polar opposites.

The obedience which God requires is sweet, humble, child-like, joyful, submission to Him and His authority, which authority can sometimes seem abrupt, insensitive, and dictatorial. God’s word is sharper than a two-edged sword. I have never heard of Him humming and hawing and beating around the bush. Developing the ability to “take it straight” and not have to be coddled and cajoled into obedience will make you a much stronger person.

It takes a great deal of courage to submit to difficult requirements, but it always results in favorable circumstances in the end. Often, people give up before the test is over, before the benefits have become evident. Usually, those who give in to their own selfishness become discouraged. The greatest tool of Satan is discouragement. This tool is the molecule that can bring down the mountain.

Self-pity, anger, and revengeful feelings are effects of discouragement, and it all goes downhill from there. Over decades of time, we FLDS people have heard from the pulpit in great detail how to recognize and emulate the nature of God in order to recognize and reject the enemy of God. But people are people, and oh, how human we are. It’s ironic how quickly we humans turn our backs on God and run to the devil, and then turn and blame God for the unsavory results we get by cohorting with the devil.

FLDS people follow the First Two Great Commandments. The first is to love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, might, mind, and strength. This means full and complete dedication. The second commandment is to love your neighbor as yourself. Sometimes we let the second commandment interfere with the first commandment. If we don’t get our priorities straight and we care too much about what our neighbor thinks, says, or does, or we set our hearts upon our own opinions, we are not focused on the will of God and can be led astray

Love God most. That is the Gospel in a nutshell. It’s so simple.

The Prophet Joseph Smith said he did not control his people. He taught them correct principles and they governed themselves. I have known three prophets in my lifetime, and each of them has taught the same principles that Joseph did. Each prophet has encouraged each individual among our thousands to seek the will of God and learn how to recognize His voice. Possession of the Spirit of God is critical to our survival. The Spirit of God is the spirit of peace. That feeling and temperament employs neither blind obedience nor passive indifference. It is the vibrant joyful energy of the love of God.

FLDS people are often accused of being sheep. This is true…and not. Obedient people are the greatest transformers because they are both sheep and lions. When God is the Shepherd, they are sheep. When Satan tries to lead them astray, they turn into lions. FLDS people are the most sweet, humble, obedient people I know, yet they are also the most stubborn, determined, fearless, die-hards that walk the earth.

Although the devil would have you believe otherwise, true obedience to God produces true freedom and incomparable peace and joy. The disobedient have no clue what they are missing. I have never been forced to obey FLDS leaders. Obedience has been my privilege my entire life, though it has taken a great deal of trial and error and experience to understand the seemingly contradictory and mysterious workings of such an incredibly simple concept. I am a witness that we FLDS people have indeed been taught how to govern ourselves in righteousness that we might obtain happiness. Anyone who says differently has incorrectly interpreted the basic principles of our faith.

It is true that sometimes those who lead (both men and women) and those who follow (both men and women) get mixed up about the responsibilities of followship and the boundaries of leadership. Thankfully, God eventually corrects those in error. We have always been, and still are, a work in progress.

If you target the FLDS and look for dirt, you will probably find it. But let’s be fair. If the same magnifying glass was held to everyone else in our nation, and each petty offender was apprehended by the same iron hand that has all but strangled the life out of the FLDS people, the Land of the Free would have ten thousand times more criminals. If they turned every single gas station in America into prison cells, they might contain all the “bad” people who don’t strictly uphold the law of the land.

There must be a ton of folks who are completely without sin because they just keep on throwing rocks. I truly hope that someday you, too, may feel the love of God when He lays His hand upon your shoulder for offenses you may have committed against Him and your neighbors. I suggest caution when you try to fix others. When you persecute those you disapprove of, you are inviting trouble for yourself sometime in the future.

All of us from the smallest to the most seasoned are human and each is subject to human weakness. The most wonderfully stable thing is that we follow a perfect God, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We follow the prophets He has chosen, and we don’t look for iniquity in them. The prophets are human and subject to human weakness just as the rest of us are, but God is the only one qualified to guide and correct them. The more I hear of hateful propaganda against the Prophet Warren Jeffs, the more convinced I am of his true identity in the eyes of God. This kind of hate is old news. Satan has promoted a hate campaign against every prophet who ever lived since the beginning of time.

Quite a number of times, well-meaning people have inferred that they actually like us strange FLDS people for our honesty and work ethics, but they say they will like us better if only we will ditch our prophet. They want us to be good, but they require us to deny the source of our goodness. FLDS people who stick to their faith haven’t the slightest desire to sink the ship. On the Good Ship Zion, God is the Admiral, and the Prophet is the Captain. We can’t turn mutinous to the Captain and expect the Admiral to approve.

Several times people have said to me, “Maggie, I like you, but I don’t like your religion.” Well now, the fact is I am a product of my religion. It’s an interesting paradox. Some of my FLDS acquaintances have not only chosen to turn from their faith, but to fight against it, which revengeful retaliation has earned for them a blood-stained pedestal attended by public applause. They are honored for supposedly escaping an abusive cult and rising up in the world in spite of the so-called “destructive ideology” of their former religion.

The general public may suppose that this is the prevailing mindset of the people who once called themselves Latter-day Saints. Many believe the FLDS group is now practically extinct, but this is false. My voice likely expresses the sentiments of the silent majority. I don’t mind declaring that whatever degree of success and accomplishment I now enjoy as a result of the past decade of experience alone in mainstream is because of my religion, not in spite of it. Perspective is a big deal. Some women blame their faith for their failures while other women honor their faith for their successes.

So why do “ten thousand voices” claim to be hurt by FLDS Mormon culture? Easy answer. It’s the popular thing to do. You might agree that hordes of people in the world have angry tales to tell about their ex-husband, ex-wife, dad or mom, brother, sister, boss, co-worker, or anyone they consider to be a foe. Usually people won’t give these stories much credence because they are too commonplace in mainstream. But if you present a tale of abuse and include an unpopular religion and a despised prophet, then the do-gooders will sit up and take notice. They add fuel to the fire with supposed “righteous indignation” and heap on loads of sympathy for those seemingly innocent victims.

It’s obvious to me why stories of FLDS dissenters become popular and even manage to get on the best-seller list. The degree of popularity the authors enjoy is in direct proportion to the degree of unpopularity of the supposed perpetrators. I find it ironic that even to claim former connection to the FLDS gives those indignant authors a momentary flare of misplaced admiration from the public. Unfortunately, the authors’ notoriety is not based upon honor or personal merit or accomplishment. They enjoy a flame of fame granted by the identity of those they slander.

I am personally acquainted with many of those who speak against the FLDS prophet and people. Some of them are former students, and some are members of my extended family. I know these people. I am familiar with the circumstances they have defined as abusive. Hey, I believe in free speech, and I get how every soul is entitled to his or her own personal opinion. But when someone slanders another person and gets away with it because the person they accuse is unpopular, that’s downright despicable. They pose as victims while exercising free reign to accuse and harm those who will never retaliate.

Some write books and do talk shows. They sue and they sow…seeds of their own destruction. Twisting truth or presenting partial truths out of context is actually called lying. Dishonesty is a cancer that grows and destroys from within.

There is a particular fact that may not be understood by those who digest and accept inflammatory reports that defame the FLDS. You see, those who slander are fully cognizant that it’s against the principles of those they accuse to retaliate or seek revenge. Dissenters who feel free to accuse faithful FLDS members know full well that the public and the courts will not hold them accountable. This vulnerable situation produces cases like the un-mysterious RH, who brings the newest lawsuit against FLDS men. She is not required by the judge to reveal her identity because she says she fears retaliation. Seriously? Those who claim to be victims are sometimes the worst kind of predators.

There is a particular paradox I haven’t yet been able to figure out. When a woman stays true to her faith and refuses to compromise loyalty to her convictions, she is said to be brainwashed and manipulated by abusive men. When a woman turns against her faith and embraces mainstream philosophy and receives overwhelming support and sympathy, she is somehow viewed as independent and courageous. I find that most interesting.

It has been a popular assumption that FLDS women are brainwashed and illiterate. The truth is FLDS women are actually quite smart. Some of them have even figured out that all they have to do to get a lot of attention and support and financial assistance is to complain against FLDS men. If you take a woman with a gripe and you add to the mix an unpopular religion of a patriarchal society where obedience to the mandates of Heaven is required, you’ve got yourself one heck of a bonfire.

Scandals like that turn into witch-hunts. After all, if you read about it or see it on the news it must be true, right? Before you know it, lawmakers, law-enforcers, and biased judges get involved. They target a specific religion and create laws to annihilate that religion and those who live it when they don’t actually know or understand the culture or its people. Add in hearsay and gossip from the masses and keep the media fires raging with all the unsavory imaginations of the carnal mind, and you’ve got yourself a hellish situation. Every trick that can be devised by the devil himself is heaped upon those unfortunate people.

The only thing this nonsense proves is that advertising works. C’mon, admit it. You’ve seen so many Coke commercials over the years, that now your subconscious mind is convinced that if you drink barrels of that lethal concoction, you will somehow be thin and beautiful and make friends easily. You’ve heard rotten things about the FLDS so many times that now you just know those strange people are guilty of whatever sordid tale is marketed.

It doesn’t take a lot of brain power for FLDS dissenters to see the lucrative advantage of presenting to the sympathetic ear of mainstream their scandalous reports against FLDS men. As a result of this combined effort from forces within and without, innocent people have been harmed. Men have been imprisoned, women have been driven from their homes, and children have been stolen all in the name of law and under the guise of justice, freedom, and protection for the innocent.

The bottom line motive of the enemies of the FLDS is to do away with their Prophet. They don’t really care if they destroy women and children as long as they silence the Prophet. They call good evil, and evil good. The double standard is too Orwellian, and too predictable. It would be far better to leave the FLDS alone and let them live in their homes and tend their gardens in peace. Trying to “rescue” FLDS women and children from their men is like an environmentalist draining a lake because he’s afraid the fish are going to drown.

Recently, one of the women who testified against Warren Jeffs admitted to a college professor that she had lied under oath. If the prosecutors and the courts were actually interested in truth, they would uncover many more lies from many more liars. One anti-polygamy activist stated, “Well, even if the witnesses lied, they had to do it in order to accomplish the greater good. We had to get rid of Warren.”

Hmm. The greater good, is it? That sounds frightfully similar to the election scandal. The socialist regime will do anything—lie, steal, and cheat just to get rid of Donald Trump. You can’t accomplish good by doing bad. Have the oppressors forgotten that this is America, the land of freedom? Did they forget our Mayflower pilgrims came here seeking to escape religious and civil persecution? This country was founded on faith in God—the same God who created it. He owns the land, and He owns the country. I think we’re all going to find out soon enough what He thinks about it. As the American justice system fails to uncover the true criminals and grant redress to the true victims, the Owner of the country will judge the judges. It’s just a matter of time.

I have been challenged several times by certain individuals who demand to know if I will (quote) stop believing that Warren Jeffs is a Prophet when I find out that the accusations against him are true (end quote). I don’t usually waste brain power on foolish theoretical questions, so I will answer this question with a question.

Who is your idol? What ideology do you worship? I have seen with my own eyes the many idols of mainstream. I have watched as thousands grovel before the gods of the earth. I have seen hordes of people scream and swoon in the presence of music and media icons. They actually pay homage to those with morals that rank far below the gutter. They hang on every word their idols speak while worshiping their glittering golden images, no matter how depraved. Do you seriously want to accuse a homespun religious community of idol worship?

We all admire certain people for various reasons. Personally, I admire people like Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa. So, what if I hear that Gandhi was actually a secret member of the Italian Mafia? He lived in poverty, yet he was rich as Midas. Now what? Does that mean that Gandhi’s words have suddenly become irrelevant? The message of peace he gave to millions no longer means anything?

What if CNN reports that Mother Teresa, who has been honored by millions as a pure and virtuous Catholic nun, was actually married with children? Does that mean you would no longer respect her words or the honorable principles she stood for?

I have heard hundreds of sermons given by Warren Jeffs. I have personally seen and heard him interact with thousands of people over many years’ time. When I was a teacher for Alta Academy, I saw him almost every day for fourteen years. The most profound teachings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ I have ever heard in my life came from God through this Prophet.

So, if I hear rumors about him, does that mean I no longer believe in the undeniable worth of his teachings? No. You see, it isn’t the man I worship. I worship God and believe in His message through His messenger. Haters will hate and howlers will howl. It doesn’t change what I think and know of the Prophet.

What about Jesus Christ? Most of society believes He was an unmarried man. But what if you find out that not only was He married, but had multiple wives? Some of them might have even been rather youngish. Would you no longer respect the message of Christ, no longer believe that He died for your sins?

My goodness, will you still believe in God when you find out He is a bit more and different than what you suppose Him to be? What if you find out that He, too, is a man with many wives, maybe even boatloads of them? I mean, c’mon, do you really think all of us gazillion children came from just one mother? Poor, poor mother.

What will you do if and when you find out that your god is of your own creation? How will you react when you discover that the true and living God is different from your idea of God? Will you reject Him? Will you now say that His holy words are null and void?

I have lived long enough and seen enough to be convinced that the most courageous people on earth are the prophets. They are amazing examples of obedience. We ordinary people might whine about the idea of obedience to a prophet, yet we hardly know the meaning of the word. God expects perfect obedience from the prophets. He, alone, knows who has courage enough to face the mob and deliver His message, and only He can appoint a prophet.

The prophets are willing to risk life and limb to obey the commandments of God. The Bible and Book of Mormon record dozens and dozens of instances that show how the prophets are willing to face danger, privation, and death. A prophet is brave enough to face tyrants, kings, judges, and presidents, and even endure persecution from members of his own family.

When trials come, it’s too easy for people to point the finger and blame their leaders. We are happy to receive blessings, but when tests come, we suddenly develop spiritual dementia and can’t remember a single blessing of the past.

Where much is given, much is required in return. It’s no wonder that our entire flock has been tested and tried and received strong rebukes and corrections during the last decade. For many years, we were warned this would happen. The prophets apprised us repeatedly that the day would come when each of us would find ourselves alone to see if we have earned enough of the Spirit of God to know what to do without having to ask anyone else.

That day came…and still, it comes.

God chastens those whom He loves. I think that’s just wonderful. Those who are willing to accept chastisement are blessed. I am thankful for the wonderful mission of self-discovery and self-improvement life has brought to me. When we submit our will to our Heavenly Father’s and exercise self-denial and self-discipline, it opens the door to rapid character growth. The more truly humble a person becomes, the more they are blessed with self-worth and self-confidence. 

Our kind and loving Heavenly Father has invited the FLDS people to step up and become better, to be more aware, more thankful for our blessings, more focused on our relationships with Him. He has given experiences that should teach us how to better love our neighbors as ourselves. At His direction, many of us have experienced a mighty change, both physically and spiritually. I believe that many of us could say if we had lived a thousand years in our safe haven surrounded by our family and friends, we would never have realized the height and depth of personal growth that we now enjoy.

God has given us the opportunity to not just hear about it or talk about it, but to actually learn and earn the unconditional love exemplified by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. True love grows through godly suffering and sacrifice. Those who are willing to walk through the Refiner’s Fire will become pure gold. They will become joint heirs with Jesus Christ in His heavenly kingdom.

It takes a heap of faith to live as the Mormons do. What doesn’t take us down only makes us stronger. I suspect our country is in for a big upset. What goes around comes around. Many of those who have fought against the FLDS are arrogant Christian conservatives. Who is now under attack? The conservatives. You oppose tyranny, and rightly so. But you have confused the legitimate work of God with the devious entrapments of Satan. In so doing, you have invited your own imprisonment. What you send out shall return to you.

If you are bent on destroying the FLDS, the odds are against you. The only way to entirely eliminate true Mormonism is to kill off every last Mormon. As long as there is one left, we will keep on striving, keep on praying, keep on working, keep on loving, keep on keeping on. We forgive those who have fought against, lied about us, imprisoned us, and harmed us. We leave judgment to God.

Don’t feel sorry for us when we receive tests and corrections from God and go through hard experience. We have been and will continue to be tried by both God and Satan, the two great powers of this earth. God will win this battle, and we stick with Him.

Believe me when I say that FLDS women don’t want or need to escape our faith. We certainly appreciate kindness, but not false sympathy. I, for one, am thankful for challenging experience. Don’t feel bad if you feel left out. Hang on. Someday, your turn will come. Probably sooner than you think.

I have learned that faith in God and His program works far better than anything else. Perfect obedience produces perfect faith. As faith grows, peace distills upon your soul, and your power of love grows exponentially. The unconditional love of God is the most wonderful, beautiful gift imaginable. Perfect love casts out all fear. Imagine a life without fear. Imagine a life full of love and peace. You love God and you love yourself. You even love all those pesky people you didn’t think were possible to love. It’s awesome.

To conclude my reflections, I admit I am a proud determined woman. There’s no way in H…E…double toothpicks I would blindly follow anyone unless I am absolutely sure they have legitimate authority from God. He is my Best Friend, my Guide and Guardian, my Hero!

So, after all the opportunity of so-called freedom in mainstream, after years of doing what I please, saying what I please, and going where I please, would I ever want to return to a more secluded, more socially restricting environment? If God called me to gather with my beautiful, intelligent, faithful, devoted people, the very salt of the earth, could I give up ownership of my property? Would I sacrifice my job, wealth, and independence?

In a heartbeat.

FLDS lady Maggie Jessop