The Cat Meow

Yaaaay! Finally, almost ready to publish my first children’s book.
THE CAT MEOW is the first in a children’s book series called Square Peg Storybooks
Written by Maggie Jessop
Illustrated by Filipa Losada
Published by Highroad North
Coming soon on Amazon!

A story about being yourself.

Way back when I was a kitten, all kinds of personalities lived on our farm. Everybody tried to be somebody else. The mule thought he was John Wayne, and the cow said he was smart as Einstein. The duck imagined he was Crocodile Dundee, and the chickens shrieked the Hallelujah Chorus like a bunch of Joan Sutherlands. The rooster impersonated Johnny English, and the dog recited the Gettysburg address. The goat quoted Shakespeare, and the lamb tried to be Mother Teresa and create world peace. And the horse? He was convinced he was Tony Robbins.

Everybody tried to be somebody by putting on a show and saying fancy things.

Me? I just said, “Meow.”