The F Word

Life is Beautiful! Life is horrible?

It all depends on your perspective.

Is your glass half full or half empty? Is your holiday butter rum cake half gone, or do you still have half left over? Chances are our butter rum cake is ALL gone and we have chunkier cheeks than we did last week, us little fatties.

All jesting aside, I ask this question?

Do we have the power within ourselves to encourage ourselves?

What keeps you going? What makes you tick?

As I live and work from day to day and drive thousands of miles each week, I observe that fear is rampant in mainstream society. If you are a person, and you are alive, you know what fear is. So many circumstances affect the fear barometer. Family, friends, enemies, finances, work, play, politics, physical conditions, mental conditions, food, drugs, entertainment, religion, and lack of religion.

That big fat F word FEAR is responsible for a heap of trouble.

There is another far lovelier F word that solves the big problem that FEAR produces.


Nearly every day I drive past terrible traffic accidents. I often remain stationary in traffic, or crawl along, waiting for the roads to clear. I’ve even destroyed a couple $1,000 tires when I followed the crowd and drove past a smash-up site that still had bits of shrapnel left on the road. Life is a gamble. Life is SCARY!

Last week a super trucker behind me got tired of driving the speed limit on a two-lane highway. As the road widened with a passing lane just as I entered a roundabout, the truck behind passed me and smashed the front end of my truck as he wheeled around the circle. That’s got to be the dumbest thing ever. One trucker trying to pass another trucker on a roundabout? Face palm. It was hit and run. I got hit, and he ran. Yep. Life is DANGEROUS!

If I allow my mind to dwell on all the bad, scary, dangerous, negative things I see and hear, I’d always be afraid. If I dwell on all the bad things that MIGHT happen, I’d live in constant fear. If I didn’t have faith, I wouldn’t dare get out of bed in the morning. If I didn’t have faith, there’s no way I would dare drive a semi-truck. Without faith, I wouldn’t be able to watch the politicians ruin the country while we let them do it. Without faith, I wouldn’t dare stick my neck out and write stuff that might make people want to hack my website and steal my leftover butter rum cake.

Faith keeps us going. Faith makes us tick.

I have faith that there is Someone far greater and wiser than me in charge of me. Not only in charge of me, but everyone else, including Donald Trump. I don’t see any good reason to fight and quarrel over the President. God has him in hand. Whatever will be, will be.

A whole bunch of loud, pompous, yammering, self-righteous people who love to point their lily white phalanges while keeping their evil eyeballs out looking for drudge in their fellow man, most of which belches forth continuously from their own dark smoky bellows, will undoubtedly be caught unaware someday to find out what God thinks about all the nonsense.

I wonder how many of us stop to think, “What does the Creator of heaven and earth think about this? What is the will of God in this matter?’

I say, “God bless the President to do the will of God. God bless you and me to do the same.”

FAITH solves problems. Faith in God gives me faith in myself. I can accomplish all good things by faith and works combined. Faith gives me peace of mind. Faith keeps me from fighting and quarreling and blaming others. Faith keeps me on the Road. Faith keeps us on the Watchtower.

Today I happened upon this quote: “The phrase ‘DO NOT BE AFRAID’ is written in the Bible 365 times.That’s a daily reminder from God to trust in Him and not give in to fear.”

That’s great advice.

Let’s trust in God
…and Keep on truckin’!
Here’s to a Happy New Year of FAITH!