One day I was out trucking and I met The Plague.

He was sinister and foreboding and looked like a politician. I asked him where he was going and he answered, “ I am sweeping over the land with the intention to wipe out 3,000 people.”

Naturally, I hightailed it out of there fast.

A few weeks later I was driving along and there he was again in a flowing black cape. The Plague stood nonchalantly on the side of the road thumbing a ride. He looked as sinister and foreboding as ever, and I thought he resembled a media personality.

Of course I had no intention of picking him up, but I wanted to ask him a question. I pulled over, locked my doors, and opened the window just a crack.

“Hey there, Plague. You said you were going to wipe out 3,000 people, but it turned out to be three million.”

The Plague smiled his politician smile and replied smoothly, “I only killed 3,000 people. FEAR killed all the rest.”

I had to admit he was speaking the truth just as politicians and media personalities do once in awhile. I thought about running him over, but I didn’t want him to stick to my tires.

So I left The Plague in a cloud of dust and drove on. He is still out there somewhere, and he’s got plans.

(Adapted from a parable told by my father MJ)