View from my Window

I drive lots of miles. I go through sunshine and rain, desert and mountains, big cities and small country towns. Every day I observe many people bustling around involved in this busy business called life.

I like to keep my windows clean so I can see clearly. Today as I scrub my glass, I think about mental vision and spiritual outlook. I think it’s a great question to ask ourselves, “What is the view from my window?”

Is my glass half full or half empty? Am I suspicious of what might happen, or do I have high expectations? Do I avoid meeting new people and treat them as strangers, or do I approach them as potential friends?

When I get delays that set me back, do I get cross and shout words that start with “SH” and “F”, or do I see a delay as a divine reprieve to escape impending trouble? Do I avoid difficult tasks, or am I thankful for the opportunity to learn? When mistakes happen, do I hold a grudge, or do I have the ability to forgive?

If I had a pet peeve, I guess it would be when I get my truck window all clean and shiny, within a few minutes of driving, a disrespectful and misguided kamikaze insect splatters itself on my windshield. Then my truck Belinda is bugged again…and again.

Besides scrubbing bugs off my windshield, I watch out for those destructive disagreeable bugs in my mind and heart. You never know where those creepy critters’ crusty remains might lurk to obscure your vision.

Maybe we should keep handy a jug of mental Windex to shine up the windows of the mind and scrub the observation deck of the heart. Let’s ask ourselves,“What is the view from my window?”