Wake Up!

WAKE UP ME, you, them, and us!

What have we learned from history?

After observing many comments, complaints, and sentiments concerning the current coronavirus situation, especially from those who once called themselves FLDS, my noggin’ has been a coggin’.

Some compare the present circumstances of mandatory government requirements to our religious leaders and their requirements. I offer my thoughts for whatever it’s worth.

Do I expect to tickle your fancy and become your favorite person of the year? Nope. Should I say it anyway? Yep.

It’s simply amazing how much we resemble the Israelites in the days of Moses. God wanted the people to become worthy to come into His presence. He taught them through Moses every detail necessary to earn that privilege. But the people balked and complained and obeyed begrudgingly. They continually whined, “Why is this necessary?”

In our day, for many years we were faithfully and repeatedly taught how to build our bomb shelter of faith, which incidentally, is not constructed of toilet paper.

We were advised about the coming pandemics, the desolating sickness that will cover the Earth. We were warned of martial law and mob rule and the importance of having dedicated homes to protect ourselves. We were warned of the impending government seizure of food storage. We were encouraged to focus on seed time and harvest to fill our pantries and granaries in preparation for a day of hunger.

We were instructed to store wheat and were advised of the merits of beans and encouraged to make them part of our diet.

Doesn’t it just make sense that if we slowly introduce wheat and beans into our diet in our days of peace, when we are forced to rely upon them predominately, our digestive systems and taste buds will have already adjusted? Did we consider this? Apparently not, for many people complained about beans and accused our leader of fanaticism.

So they also did to Moses and the gift of manna from heaven. And what was the result?

We were advised to limit our time-wasting social activities and begin homeschooling. We were admonished to deep clean our homes on a regular basis both as germ prevention and to keep ourselves healthy and encouraged. We were even instructed specifically how to wash our hands in the most effective way to prevent the spread of germs.

We were warned about the dark agenda of the adversary known as the New World Order and the mark of the Beast. We were warned that the government will eventually try to enforce mandatory vaccinations and shoot us with identity chips to track our movements.

We were taught in great detail the characteristics of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ in order to identify and avoid the enemy of Christ.

Many of us whined and complained and dragged our feet and made half measures of obedience. Not everyone stored food and water and many mocked the instruction about beans. Many did not make the commitment to learn the art of homeschooling and were only too happy to find a way out. Many blamed our Prophet for the results of half-hearted effort when their children fell behind in their studies.

Many of us resisted the counsel to avoid social cliques and did not focus on our homes and families. We were warned of impending scourges and judgments, of sorrows, separations, and tribulations, of fires and earthquakes and plagues.

Those who followed counsel years ago and continued in that commitment are now skilled in homeschooling. They are not consumed by social media and the trappings of technology. Many are filled with faith and enjoy productive contentment. They have accumulated food storage and are more or less prepared temporally. They are not bothered or traumatized or fearful about quarantines and social distancing requirements. They have food and water and antibacterial soap. They have order and peace…and toilet paper.

These people are not tearing out their hair because of the mandatory requirement to keep their stir-crazy children at home. They are not joking about extinguishing the life of their annoying spouse. They’ve had years of practicing self-sufficiency while others put their energy in seeking public sympathy against our leaders while complaining about the supposedly foolish and dictatorial counsel they received years ago.

The Wise have prepared while the Foolish have scoffed and pointed the finger and accused the faithful of blindly and “sheepishly” following their leader.

Anyone familiar with scripture might agree that wherever God sets up His program, the devil being the copycat he is, will set up a counterfeit to confuse the heck out of us. The simple truth is that there are only two great powers in the earth-God and Satan. They are involved in eternal warfare and will never be friends. There are not three great powers in the earth-God, Satan, and the great proverbial ME. Whether we like it or not, every single one of us have to obey someone besides ourselves.

How many thousands of hours did we read and study and listen to learn how to discern the difference between the two great powers so we can understand which one to follow? Did we think it would be easy and obvious? No, we were told it would take great humility and diligence and sacrifice, in addition to blood, sweat, and tears to endure unprecedented contradictions. How many of us can survive being offended? Did you ever stop to think that perhaps God, Himself, organized and allowed the past corrections and “offenses” that so many hash over and complain about specifically to test us?

My opinions won’t save me. Too bad. Group sympathy will not save your sorry arse. Gives me a wrinkled smile to see how many of us think we are so big and so smart and so FREE as we hurtle ourselves over Fools Cliff. Seriously? Are you actually free?

The independent man who chooses to follow himself can do much good, but he cannot save himself. The great big powerhouse females with their new-found freedom and their sassy comments against their former leadership might now laugh each other silly and even get weak-minded men to admire and ogle their Fat Broad bods with their Fat Broad clubs.

Being a proud woman myself, but coming to a certain degree of understanding after much tribulation, I am afraid us loud-mouth obnoxious females will eventually find ourselves smaller than gnats. Not just ordinary gnats, mind you, but pygmy gnats at that.

We might shriek obscenities in our big gnat voice, but in the grand scheme of things, it means absolutely nothing and falls upon deaf ears. Here comes a virus disguised as a dragonfly. Chomp. End of gnat.

Never underestimate the power of humility and obedience. How truly close are we to our Creator? What is in us that will make Him want to protect us and save us in a time of crisis?



One comes from God, the other from Satan. They might look like and seem like the same, but one is counterfeit. One is intended to protect and save and redeem. The other is intended to destroy. Both will sometimes seem mean, unreasonable, one-sided, unfair, hateful, and dictatorial. Can you tell the difference?

It made a deep impression on my mind about fifteen years ago when I was told by an eyewitness that the Prophet Warren Jeffs had stood upon the red mountain gazing down upon our beloved valley. After a lengthy time of silence, he said, “Oh, Short Creek, little do you know what awaits you.”

I don’t think we should expect the legitimate emissaries of God to soft-pedal things, or tickle our ears, or pet our vanity with nice words and expressions of endless love and acceptance of whatever fool notion we get into our fool heads that is contrary to the Plan of Salvation designed by our Creator.

If we can’t take direction from God, eventually the devil will shove it down our throats. Isn’t it ironic that the home school thing that so many complained about is the very thing they are now forced to do?

We were told long ago that we would be starved into living the United Order. Being in the trucking industry and traveling over 3000 miles per week, naturally, I am in a position to somewhat feel the pulse of the nation. It is extremely obvious to me that all it would take to bring us to our knees and force us into starvation is for the trucking industry to slow down and stop. Anything we have observed or endured so far is just a speck compared to what is coming. How do you spell PANIC?

COVID19 may indeed be a hoax, but the result of the experiment has been a huge success. The contagious virus is actually called FEAR. How easily the powers of darkness can take down our nation. During the last weeks, we have completely surrendered our economic order to them and shown them how to control us. All it takes is rumors on social media to grow and expand exponentially to create the bonfire of fear that will take down our country.

How well prepared are you? Do you know how to temper your mind to counteract and overcome naturally occurring fear? How much time do you spend hashing over old hurts and blaming your problems on someone else? How much love is in your heart and in your home? Do you have any faith in God left?

How typical of human nature to turn their backs on God and run to the devil and then turn and blame God for the unsavory results they got by chumming with the devil.

Whatever questions I pose to you to spark your introspection, I ask myself a thousand times. Again I suggest that we not underestimate the power of humility and faith and forgiveness. That which you might have thought to be a sign of weakness, to trust in someone wiser than yourself, especially trust in your Creator, is actually a sign of strength. It will go a long way toward your survival. The future belongs to the humble. The meek will inherit the earth.

My friends, I propose we find out who whispers in our ears. Who are we actually following? There are only two Powers, two Influencers who talk to us. Complaining and accusing automatically shouts to all the world who has your attention, who controls your mind, and ultimately, who shapes your future.

If my comments make you angry, I guess that is a good thing. Perhaps you will be mad enough to look deep within and stop the complaining and whining that brands you an insignificant gnat. Why would we engage in behaviors that hinder our own personal progress?

Do I have the right to preach at you? Absolutely not. Can you believe my audacity to say such things? I can’t believe it either. Who do I think I am anyway? I am nobody special. I observe and watch and listen, and sometimes, I speak up in the hope of being an encouragement to someone. I risk 999 rotten tomatoes to receive one Peace Pie.

Hopefully, current events will just be a warning. Hopefully, our economy will recover and we will better prepare ourselves for the next pandemic. Hopefully, we will stop the abominable complaining before our trials become more unbearable. Hopefully, we will draw in our families and get closer to our children and grow in love, patience, kindness, and unselfishness. Hopefully, we will truly learn to love God most and love our neighbors as ourselves.

After all, to help us achieve awareness and improvement, that is why He has required the corrections and separations, the sorrows and tribulations in the first place. There was and still is a long-term redeeming purpose for the required past and present homeschooling and social distancing, as well as the separations and sacrifices, and the blood, sweat, and tears we may have experienced.

FAITH is the answer. Faith leads to peace. But…there is a prerequisite. In order to have consistent and lasting faith, we must pursue a path that promotes and creates and sustains faith. It’s impossible to have godly faith when we play with dynamite in Satan’s furnace.