Where Is Heaven?

Just imagine…

You were born on another planet to a wise King Father and a beautiful Queen Mother. You grow up as a Prince or Princess and are treated like royalty.

The Kingdom where you live is lovely and peaceful. There are many noble princes, dedicated teachers, and learned judges who teach the King’s subjects and govern the land. Your beautiful homeland is thriving and orderly, and the sound of laughter reverberates through the homes and hills.

You grow up with many brothers and sisters and friends and neighbors. Everyone is human on your planet where human challenges exist. But because of the wise King’s faith and ecosystem which has existed in harmony for centuries, problems are efficiently and amicably resolved. You and your people live a certain way with particular customs. The Laws of the Kingdom are strict, and the subjects continue to learn and grow and thrive.

As you mature, you realize that not everyone on your little planet is the same. Thorns and thistles grow   among the roses. Weeds continually sprout in the gardens. The corn seed you plant turns out to be glass beads, unable to germinate. Your eyes are open to see there are goats among the sheep. And  there are wolves. You hear of other lands far away where there is war and terror. You cannot imagine  such darkness because you have been protected all of your life. You feel safe

Most of the King’s subjects are engaged in productive pastimes, but there are those who sit upon the fence and do nothing. Some walk the outside perimeter with their eyes upon the flickering lights from other worlds. Some take offense at the King’s rules. They listen to him speak and block their ears. They put their own interpretation on his laws. They twist the words and deeds of others to look like something dark and strange and unintended. Unrest stirs within the Kingdom and the wolves begin to howl.

You are unaware that your royal culture is loathed by creatures elsewhere in the galaxy. They fix their eyes upon your land and home and wealth. They lust after your fair ones. You have no idea that angry eyes watch you. The howling wolves within your own walls snarl and prowl as they conspire with outside forces. You do not realize there is an enemy from another planet at your gate.

You dearly love your home and your people with all your heart. You haven’t the slightest wish to be anywhere else. But the wise King who created your planet can see much farther than you can. He knows his subjects better than they know themselves. He knows about the thistles and the weeds and the goats and the wolves.

He knows that while his many subjects point their fingers at goats and wolves, each Princess has thistles in her hair, and each Prince has mold growing in his heart. This he cannot allow to remain in his Kingdom. He knows his enemies will conquer the land and take prisoners. He knows his innocent ones will be carried off to be wooed by strange people with strange customs in strange lands. He knows his Kingdom will be desecrated and despoiled by those within and by  those

without.The wise King can see far beyond today. Everything he does is for the good of his royal ones. He weeps. He mourns. And oh, how he loves.

One day the King calls one of his subjects to stand before him. It is you. Yes, you. With tears in his eyes and gravity in his voice, he commands you to leave your home, your family, your people, and your planet. Where must you go? You must take a journey to Hell.

Imagine the devastation you experience. In all your wildest imaginations, you never could have guessed that you, a royal Prince or Princess, would find yourself in hell.

How will you behave? What will you do?

Hell is full of all kinds of creatures. You find they are not all the same. Many are confused and sad. Some are angry. Many wander aimlessly. Most are unaware of life on other planets. Those who know of other civilizations elsewhere in the universe have twisted convictions about them. They cannot see past their noses.

They watch you with narrow eyes and painted faces. You are an intruder in their world. You are despised because you are alien.

You are a stranger in a strange land.

You discover there are sumptuous feasts and fine wine, raiment of silks, glittering palaces, and dazzling enticements there. And just as you suspected, there are many devils in hell.

You are amazed and gratified to find there are also a few angels. You recognize small havens of heaven in hell.

You discover that Hell is not so much a place as it is a state of mind.

You decide that if you must live in hell, you will turn the devils out of doors. You will make of hell, a Heaven.

How wise that King. He knew all along what you will do. But he wants you to know it too.

Just imagine…

What could happen if every person on our planet decides to make heaven instead of hell? Each person will overlook the faults in his neighbors, and focus on fixing himself.

What will be the result?

Eventually, there will be no anger, no fighting, and no evil. There will be peace within each soul. There will be good will in our homes and communities. There will be peace within our borders, and it will produce a ripple effect to reach far beyond our shores to other lands.

There will be world peace.

Soon the devils on our planet will out-devil each other and kill each other off. The only ones who remain will be those who are willing to make peace in their minds and hearts. They will make heaven in their little corner of the world. The earth will be renewed and redeemed. Our wise benevolent King will be pleased. This time, His tears will be those of joy.

He will call us once again to dwell in His Kingdom. Each Prince and Princess will have earned a priceless crown. Each one will be worthy to sit with the King at His table and partake of the choicest fruit from the Tree of Life.

That precious most desirable fruit is the pure love of Christ.

From Stranger in a Strange LandFLDS Lady Book 3